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Full-Management, Part-Management & Self-Management. What does it all mean?

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Are you new to Home Care Packages? Or, already have a package and want to learn more about the different solutions available?

Choosing your Home Care Package Provider is one of the most important decisions you can make, as finding the right solution can keep you living at home in a safe, happy and comfortable environment for longer.

There are so many different offerings out there these days, and we understand it gets confusing knowing which is which.  So, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together this helpful article with everything you need to know.

What is a Fully Managed Home Care Package?
A fully managed Home Care Package says it all in the name; it is fully managed for you. With full care management, you have a dedicated Care Manager as your main point of contact who will oversee the delivery of your support services on a day-to-day basis.

Firstly, your Care Manager will take time to get to know you and understand your individual circumstances. They will work closely with you, and if necessary, also work closely with a friend or relative. The Care Manager’s role is to ensure that you are getting the right care services to suit your situation, supporting you to live at home independently. They are also there for any questions or concerns you may have.

In full-care management, the Care Manager:

  • Will work with you to understand your unique circumstances.
  • Is a single point of contact to assist you on a day-to-day basis.
  • Will hire, liaise and schedule care workers and care services on your behalf.
  • Conducts annual reviews.
  • Will work with you to make changes to your Budget and Care Plan between review periods if necessary.

What is a Self-Managed Home Care Package?
Self-management is an innovative way to preserve your package funds for care services. It means that you are taking more control in the management of your care workers and care services. Whilst a self-management package means you find, hire and schedule your care services, you also have a Care Manager who oversees the administration and compliance side of your package.

As a self-managed Home Care Package holder, you are required to:
× Find, hire and schedule care and support services.
× Submit all tax invoices to your provider to organise payment.
× Let your provider know which service providers you would like to use.
× Ensure that when finding and hiring your care services, that you stay within your budget and do no spend money on services or items that are excluded from the Home Care Package.
× Contact your Care Manager if you experience a Deterioration of Health.
× Monitor and manage a simple budget including managing invoices.
× Keep a track of records and receipts for the products and services you purchase.

What is a Part-Managed Home Care Package?
Can’t decide between fully managed or self-managed? Why not have the best of both worlds with part-management? With a part-managed solution, both you and the Provider have responsibilities. In short, with part-management, your provider organizes and sets up your care and support services. Once they’re set up, it’s over to you to coordinate them for when you’d like to receive your services.

The below lists some of the things you, and the provider are responsible for.

You, the client, are responsible for:
× Submitting all tax invoices for payment on a weekly basis.
× Seek pre-approval prior to ordering goods or services greater than $300.
× Monitor and manage a simple budget including managing invoices.
× Keep records and receipts for the products and services you purchase.
× Once all your services are set-up, liaise with your chosen care team to coordinate the services you need.

Your Care Manager is responsible for:
× An initial assessment and prioritization of your care needs.
× Developing a Care Plan and emergency plan.
× Developing a Budget to best allocate your home care funds.
× Setting up an annual review of all relevant documentation.
× Setting up the supports and services you require that are in line with your individual Care Plan and care needs.
× Liaising with external providers and suppliers regarding your care.

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WHAT STYLE OF MANAGEMENT? Self-Management Part-Management Full Care Management
WHO FINDS AND SCHEDULES MY CARE AND SUPPORT? You hire and schedule the care and support services you want. We set up your care and support services. Once they’re set up it’s over to you to coordinate them. Your dedicated Care Manager hires and schedules all of the care and support services you need.






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