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Our Accounts payable platform
Green Pencil

Have you heard about

Green Pencil?

At Just Home Care Packages, we believe in providing you with seamless and transparent tools one of which is Green Pencil. 

Green Pencil is a unique online platform that enables you to manage your individualised budget with more efficiency. With Green Pencil, you will have access to your monthly activity statements, invoices, and much more!

We believe in providing you with a platform that is convenient, safe, and secure. 

Help you?

Monthly Activity Statements

Your Monthly Activity Statements provide you with details regarding the breakdown of your fund allocation, information about your supplements and suppliers.

Your Supplier Directory

With Green Pencil, you will be able to access the details of all your suppliers with one click.

Easy Invoice Accessibility

Having a Green Pencil account set up will enable you to view all your outstanding and processed invoices.

Account Balance Transparency

Transparency is key when it comes to Green Pencil as it allows you to see where your funds are being spent and view your current account balance.

Enhanced Security

Your safety is our priority therefore having Green Pencil allows both you and your loved ones to feel safe and reassured about your funding.

Sound good?

Here’s how it works

STEP 1: Request Access

Once you signup with us, we will arrange for you to sign the Green Pencil Consent to Share, and then you will receive an email with your login details from us.

STEP 2: Log In

You will then be directed to a web browser where you will be prompted to set up a secure password. 

STEP 3: Check Out The Green Pencil Features

Once your password is set up, YOU’RE IN! Here you check out all the features that Green Pencil has to offer you.

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