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Our Tools

At Just Home Care Packages, you will have access to our tools which will help you navigate your Home Care Package with ease.

We do things differently at Just Home Care Packages. We provide an innovative solution for Home Care Package holders and are always creating new systems to make things easier for our clients.

Here you can explore some of the tools our clients have available, as well as our helpful resource guides.


myCare is an innovative tool aimed at helping your care and service providers stay better connected with you and your Care Plan.

Green Pencil.

Green Pencil is our innovative accounts system which allows you to view your current estimated account balance and invoices that have been paid on your behalf.

How To Access Your Statements?

This guide helps you navigate and understand the contents of your Monthly Activity Statements.

Video calls with your Care Manager.

Face-to-face video calls with your Care Manager for initial assessments and annual reviews. 


Comparing Providers Worksheet.

This comparison worksheet simplifies the task of having to compare Home Care Package Providers. It will help you assess your needs which will enable you to find the right Provider.

Want to learn more about Home Care Packages?

We have put together a free and handy e-book that teaches you everything you need to know.