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face-to-face video calls.


Video calls with your Care Manager.

Just Home Care Packages is delighted to offer video calls for initial assessments and annual reviews, adding a new layer of convenience and personalisation to the management of your Home Care Package.

These video calls provide a face-to-face interaction that allows our Care Managers to conduct thorough assessments and reviews, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your unique care requirements.

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How do Video calls work?

We know how important having a great relationship with your Care Manager is. At Just Home Care Packages, we offer a telehealth model which means your Care Manager is always available on the phone and not out of the office. We have also recently introduced the ability to video call, to help you better connect face-to-face with your Care Manager.

Organising video calls with your Care Manager is really easy. Here’s how it works:

Book an appointment with your Care Manager via email or phone call.

You will receive your appointment link via email with the chosen date and time.

To start, you need to click on the appointment link provided in the email. The first time joining a video call it may be helpful to have a family member or friend with you to guide you.

You’ll be taken to a webpage, type in your full name and select ‘Join Meeting’. You can now speak with your Care Manager face-to-face!

Sounds easy?

It also brings benefits to your care journey.

The face-to-face assessment via video calls allows you get to know your Care Manager from the start. The video assessment also helps your Care Manager to better understand your care needs, goals and preferences.

You can co-design your Care Plan with your Care Manager during the assessment, raise any questions or concerns. And then we can show you your Care Plan in real time before you signing it.

Your Care Manager is able to share the screen with you and your loved ones, guide you though all our tools, technology and important documents. This helps explain how things work answer any questions you may have.

WHy our clients love video calls with their care manager.

“We really enjoyed being able to make face-to-face contact with our Care Manager via our Video Conference. It was great being able to make visual contact and being able to place a face to Care Managers. Whilst we have always received prompt and efficient attention to our requests, this contact seems to personalise our association to some degree.

This Video Conference gave us the opportunity to discuss with you face-to-face all items related to our package and be able to share our thoughts and views.

In this age we feel that Video Conferencing is the way to go for client contact as it is time effective and efficient and will certainly have our support.”

—Clients, Kevin and Margaret.

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